Planning Permission

Blockbuild's Planning Permission Advice for Paving your driveway, off road parking and front garden areas

Frequently Asked Questions

1. We are thinking of having our drive way block paved and extended do we need to apply for planning permission?

BLOCKBUILD'S ADVICE Yes, you do because effective the 1st October 2008, the Government changed Household Admitted Development Rights, so from then on it's against the law and it's the householder's responsibility to inform their local authority's planning department of their intentions. If you proceed without applying for planning permission, then you may be liable, (liable for what? A fine?) also may be fined. The authorities can come after you for up to 5 or 6 years after the work is completed.

2. Why? Our driveway has been here for years, and we only want to extend a little bit. Nobody else has any objections.

BLOCKBUILD'S ADVICE The government identified a need to more efficiently manage our surfaces for the mains water to run off, also to prevent over filling of the mains drainage, reduce the risk of flooding and the pollution of water courses throughout the whole country. Therefore, each and every town and county have their own local authority and each

have their own set of requirements, some ask for forms to be completed, scaled drawings, fees, some even require every applicant to fill in a full planning permission and this can take 6-8 weeks for a formal and binding decision determination. So please check carefully with your local authority first before you undertake the work and before you contact your local paving companies.

There are some concessions, if you are registered disabled person. There are also some affordable solutions. At Blockbuild we can liaise with the local authorities for you free of charge once you the householder have contacted your local planning department and asked for the relevant forms, BB can help fill the forms and suggest innovative draining solutions which are sustainable and affordable to help address the regulations set out in the many forms you may be required to complete. Scaled drawing can also be undertaken for a small fee, approximately 95, this can be paid after the project has been successfully passed and the installation has been completed. Also, a free survey of the proposed works, a free no obligation written quotation and a brochure pack with your paving product styles, all delivered to your door.

In our experiences with local authorities in the Hampshire area we found that scaled drawing are not always required, but please contact your local authorities planning department, or Blockbuild as your first port of call. In our experience, we have that each application form and authority are completely different.

Please note that this information is only relevant in England.

Any more questions please email